martes, 19 de marzo de 2013

Random Wishlist...

Hoy les quiero dejar un collage de las cosas que quiero/necesito comprar en el futuro, espero que les guste y les dejo todos los links y la información abajo.

Today I want to leave an image of the things I want / need to buy in the future, I hope you like it and I leave all the links and information below.

  1. Metal Bow Hair Ties
  2. Apricot Scarf
  3. Tony Moly Apletox Honey Cream
  4. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder
  5. Opi Oz colection: Glints of Glinda, Which is Witch and What wizardry is this.
  7. Skinfood Rice mask
  8. Cat Headband.
 Espero que sea de su agrado y puedan saber un poco más de mi estilo y los productos que me gustaria probar.
I hope you enjoy it and may know a little more my style and products that I would try.

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  1. Oh really cute wishlist. I have the first but in golden. Are really useful and cute!


  2. every time I see the cat ear headband I think about Tiffany from SNSD hehe XD

  3. Anónimo2:42

    Wow! I like your stylish blog and your beautiful pictures! Would be awesome If you‘d take a look at my Blog - would love to keep in touch with you!!!
    Lots of Love, Kyra


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